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Monsters are real. I know. I’ve seen one face to face. I still see that soulless stare every time I close my eyes. And this creature has taken away many of my friends.

The trip back from from Richmond was a particularly silent one. We left late, everything moving slower than normal. Packing up took twice as long. It was as if we didn’t want to stay, but it was too difficult to hurry and leave. Who knows how long we sat in silence at that road-side greasy spoon, staring into our cups of coffee between quick sips. We were still on the road by sunrise. The silhouettes of the power lines alongside the highway looked like a neatly lined row of tombstones against the horizon’s glow. That’s about where I lost it. The boys must have thankfully been sleeping, so it was easy to hide being choked up as a stifled cough. The tears helped refresh my eyes for the rest of the ride.

Archibald Peck, you left us too soon. All of our recently decimated friends have. Kobald. ThunderFrog. So many others. Too many!

Whatever the destination at the end of that tunnel, I hope it’s a place that can appreciate the ray of light you were to CHIKARA. May it be warmed by the intensity of your charm and joy. We will miss you, my wacky friend. I didn’t have a chance to thank you for all the color and life you gave to our family. Most importantly, I didn’t have the chance to thank you for saving me from the clutches of Deucalion. And we all couldn’t thank you enough for tipping the scales at National Pro Wrestling Day to save CHIKARA itself.

We never seem to appreciate what we have until its gone. Trite but true. Hard to reconcile when you’re also told “nothing lasts forever.” So while we still have this day, we will fight for every minute of it. Those of us that remain to continue fighting do so for everyone that cannot. We can’t live in fear of what we will lose, instead we’ll live bravely in the opportunities of what we can gain. If nothing else, we can strive to leave a legacy like those of our heroes sacrificed in battle. Like yours, Archibald Peck. You’ll forever be one of my heroes.