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After the dust settles, there’s this moment of serenity that washes over you in a euphoric wave. Surrounded by joy and filled with love, and yet…you hear the faintest noise from over the horizon inside your mind.

On May 25, 2014 I remember hearing the air being sucked out of the room and footsteps of an army heading toward me, and I knew the universe was about to immediately correct its balance. On December 6th, I looked down on a slain monster. The dust had settled. I was surrounded by love and joy, and felt an amazing rush wash over me. However, I knew deep down these laurels could not be rested upon.

I heard that tiny voice (actually it was more like a little girl’s scream) melodically chime in to the back of my head. “He will be next.” That knot in my stomach that had been tied since he secured his three points in August slowly began to uncoil.

There is no one I’ve shared the ring with more in this life than the one and only “Kentucky Gentleman” himself. Thinking about all the memories that I’ve made with Chuck Taylor over the past 7 years brings a smile to my lips and a manly tear to my eye. Chuck Taylor is without a doubt one of the finest wrestlers to grace the CHIKARA ring. I knew this in 2006 when Akuma and I scouted him to join F.I.S.T. I knew it when we stood side by side defending los Campeonatos de Parejas. I knew it when I stood on the apron and watched him make Daniel Bryan tap out and we won King of Trios. I still feel this way today. I can understand why he doesn’t hold himself in the same high esteem that I hold him in. Unfortunately for both of us, that reason is around my waist.

I’m Dottie holding the ball firmly in my hand and watching Kit round third, and it’s breaking my heart.

Here comes a man, I’ve come to love as a brother, barreling toward me intent on taking home the big victory for the Belles. In my head, I know I can’t let the Peaches down. And in my head, I know I am more than capable of pulling off a victory…but I question my heart with every ticking second. My heart that sees a man who just needs a little vindication to prove to not only his peers, but also himself, that he is worthy of praise. A man who has fought to acquire three consecutive singles wins to get the shot at the championship…who am I to deny him?

I helped bring CHIKARA back from extinction. I won the Grand Championship with a concussion. I eradicated a monster inside of a steel cage. I am CHIKARA. I relish challenges. On January 25, Chuck Taylor better step up to the plate with all he’s got. I fought this hard to win this prestigious title, imagine what I’ll do to keep it.