This Saturday, along with four of the most trusted allies a man can find, I will enter a battle with much higher stakes than those I am used to. This whole CHIKARA vs. The Flood battle began as two groups of bitter rivals fighting over the remains of a beloved wrestling company, and has now grown into an all-out war between two armies, both taking casualties.

I remember the amazing feeling of euphoria that ran through my body at National Pro Wrestling Day 2014. I remember looking into the eyes of many of my comrades, wrestler and fan alike, and knowing that they were all sharing in this same euphoric feeling that I was. I remember thinking that I would do anything, anything at all, to make sure that this feeling would NEVER leave us again. This coming Saturday at “Permis de Tuer” in Limoilou, QC, side by side with some of my best friends, I will get the chance to prove that I will indeed go to any lengths to keep this feeling, and CHIKARA, alive and strong.

As I sit and mentally prepare myself for the war that will take place this weekend in Canada, I find comfort in knowing that I will not enter the squared circle alone. If I look to my right I will undoubtedly see a smelly, disgusting, but somewhat amazingly beautiful little goblin creepily smiling while perched on my shoulder. And on the left shoulder I will find the angel of my good friend and lover of all princesses, The Estonian ThunderFrog. Together, they will protect the defenders of all that is CHIKARA as we embark on what is sure to be one of the most gruesome and grisly battles ever fought in a pro-wrestling ring.

My teammates and I all have one thing in common going into this weekend. The Ants, The Winged Ring Warrior, The Interception of Perfection…we are all fighting for that feeling; we are all fighting for CHIKARA. It makes me wonder what bonds our enemies, what is it that brings them to this battle? Whatever it is, I sure hope they are willing to die for it because when step into the Centre Horizon this Saturday they will be staring into the eyes of five men who are 100% to fight, to win, and if need be, to make the ultimate sacrifice.