I was told for years how CHIKARA has the smartest fans in the world, but having only had small run-ins with CHIKARA over the years, I was never able to truly gauge the accuracy of that statement. But now as I stand across from them, from the CHIKARA wrestlers and fans alike, in a war, in an attempt for the strategic and moral high ground, I see so clearly.

The fans and wrestlers that make up CHIKARA are so smart that they’re oblivious. They’re so oblivious, they don’t even realize that one plus one equals two. I’m playing this game very straight forward, and while I hide in plain sight, people keep searching for me. They’re so preoccupied trying to dissect, they forget to look at what’s dead ahead of them. My moral character is often at question, and I can’t blame people for questioning it, but when I promise Eddie Kingston that if he fights on the side of The Flood, if he helps us win this war, that I will reward him by returning the Grand Championship, like a magic sitar, I only speak the truth.

There are no games here. There’s no twist. There’s no turns. There’s no deception. If you think I can’t deliver on my promise to Kingston, you must not realize that one plus one equals two. And if you don’t understand that, in Quebec this weekend, you’ll learn that two plus one equals three and three is the magic number. I’m not speaking in riddles, and I’m not writing in puzzles. One win over Archibald Peck in Easton. One win over Eddie Kingston in Chicago. This weekend in Quebec, all I need is one more win and I have the three points that I need to face CHIKARA’s glowing ember, Icarus, for the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

And with Eddie Kingston at my right hand, ready to be unleashed, the odds are clearly in my favor. It’s easy arithmetic. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. If anybody thinks Icarus actually stands a chance to retain the Grand Championship in a match with me, while Eddie Kingston is at my side, well, CHIKARA fans, you aren’t as smart as I give you credit for.