DELIRIOUS, you babbling neanderthal!!! How dare you intercede in The Spectral Envoy’s match at King of Trios! Were you not aware of our destiny to repeat our win from the last tournament? Surely we would have advanced to defeat The Devastation Corporation as we have done in the past. Instead, The Spectral Envoy was eliminated on the first night due to your interloping. The first night! That is categorically unacceptable!

Do not think I have forgotten about your pledge to harass me for the last two years, either. As if your unwelcome, unintelligible phone calls in the wee hours of the morning, interrupting my much needed slumber, were not enough to constantly remind me. However, if costing The Spectral Envoy our due at King of Trios is the worst pain you can inflict, your threats have amounted to little more than annoyances.

You “remember everything,” do you? Well then, remember that Hallowicked and Frightmare no longer follow your incoherence. No, they now stand with me as The Spectral Envoy. Remember also that the men you call allies were once your own former enemies. And above all remember this: there is none more dangerous, devious and diabolical than UltraMantis Black!

So try as you may to intimidate me, Delirious, you will only reap the whirlwind. You’re not the first, nor will you be the last. It is your time that is running out. Two months, deluded lunatic. UltraMantis Black vows that The Flood will be no more! CHIKARA will stand triumphant. Run and tell your masters. You and your cohorts will be vanquished to the infernal pits from whence you were spawned.