Look, I’m just gonna put this right out there. Ain’t no need to write a book about it. Deucalion, Jimmy Jacobs and everybody in their little band of maniacs want a war? Okay – guess they need to find out why Eddie Kingston is called the WAR KING.

You know, me and Archibald Peck weren’t all buddy-buddy, but the one thing I can say about that guy is that he breathed and he bled CHIKARA the same as me. The same as Icarus. The same as all the boys in the locker room who come out there to take a stand against The Flood’s attacks. When we all saw Peck laying in that ring, motionless, there wasn’t a wrestler there who didn’t want to take the fight right up to The Flood’s front doorstep! Not one who didn’t want to drag each of them out of their beds in the middle of the night, onto the street, and leave them beaten and broken in the gutter. I know I did.

Archibald Peck was the last of our team you take down, Flood. On my word! You want to try and pick us off one at a time? How about we take out your whole army, partnah? Come with your kamikaze attacks again! I dare ya! There’s a few of you I’ve got my eye on to take out personally.

You know what, that’s a lie. There’s only one of you I’ve got my eye on to take out personally. That’s you, Jimmy Jacobs.

Fool me once, shame on me – right? I’ll admit. You knew how to get to me, Jimmy. You knew the one thing that would make me blind enough to ever follow your plans. Her. That’s right, Jimmy. I did it for Her. But you know what, Jimmy? You know what I saw when Icarus gave Her back to me at King of Trios? I saw myself, reflected in the gold plate that reads Grand Champion of CHIKARA. And I knew I wasn’t the champion that she deserved…not yet.

She represents all of CHIKARA, Jimmy. And you tried to turn Her into some cheap prize by playing on my obsessions. Well, congratulations. Now my obsession is with you. Because once I get my hands on you. Once I get my FISTS on you, then I can show Her how much she means to me by getting rid of a cancer like you.

The Flood is a disease, Jimmy Jacobs. But it’s not going to take out CHIKARA, and it’s not going to take out the Last of a Dying Breed, Eddie Kingston. It’s going to be destroyed. Completely.