In every professional wrestler’s career, there is one event that supercedes all others. Just the mere thought of it makes your heart race, gives you butterflies, and pushes you to your absolute limit.

For me that event is December 6th – this Saturday night, at the former ECW Arena. It’s the finals of the Young Lions Cup tournament.

Being crowned the Young Lions Cup Champion is an achievement I have longed for since the beginning of my career when my trainer, Billy Roc told me of his journey to the tournament, years prior. I forgot about his story, his quest for a while. I had my own battles in Wrestling is Heart. But it was something I saw at Wrestling is Heart that brought Billy’s story back to the forefront of my mind.

There, I saw my classmate from the School of Roc, Joe Pittman, capture La Copa Idolo. I saw how he wielded that trophy like a justification for his arrogance. Well it isn’t the trophy that makes the wrestler. It is the wrestler that makes the trophy. Maybe a cup for a man who idolizes himself is appropriate where Joe is concerned. And La Copa Idolo is gone, destroyed in the chaos back at National Pro Wrestling Day. I will be proud to carry the cup that demands the heart of a lion to capture it – the Young Lions Cup.

After defeating many talented competitors in the YLC semi-finals last month in Norristown, I watched Missile Assault Ant obnoxiously shout his own name and pick up the very trophy that we will compete for this Saturday. That moment has stuck with me for weeks now, because it reminds me of what it felt like seeing Joe carry La Copa Idolo.

Missile Assault Ant, the Young Lions Cup is not about yelling your name in a vain grab at glory. As far as I can tell, that’s about all you stand for. This Saturday, I’m going to win the 11th annual Young Lions Cup and I will do it not just for me, or to make my trainer proud, but to prove that the YLC is about heart, and dedication, and honor. And so am I.