Ever since day one Jakob has made it evident that he has only had one goal: Respekt.

None of you respected Jakob. Not the BDK, not the CHIKARMY, und especially not Gavin Loudspeaker! You all pitied poor ol’ Jakob, didn’t you? I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY! Pity is for the weak und helpless. Save it for each other.

Jakob has been overlooked since the first time he stepped into that CHIKARA ring. A mistake for which many will pay. Ares being the first to pick up the tab. How you disappointed me, Ares.

I waited, and waited, and waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiittttttttted. 475 days Jakob waited. Pinpointing exactly how to move against mein former mentor, the “mastermind” of the BDK, Ares. Did you sense for even a second the plot against you? JAKOB WITH THE EYE OF TYR?!?!?! Hah! Let’s allow this lesson in oversight to be the BDK’s parting gift to you, Herr Ares.

Make no mistake CHIKARA. Jakob, the rightful ruler of Der Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes will once and for all extract his Respekt. I will not beg for it. I will take it.