The ever-growing brilliance und cunning of Jakob continues to outdo even the most dastardly of minds. Anyday somebody outwits und out-strategizes CHIKARA’s finest is a good day, but the “Cibernetico Royale” was just the beginning for the Bruderschaft’s new mastermind. After all, JAKOB came up with the best line-up ever, und JAKOB’S team won on 6 December!

CHIKARMY, do you ever feel a little down? Holiday blues maybe? Do you want to know what always cheers me up? I just close mein eyes und replay the image of my own personal monster smashing both members of The Osirian Portal into the ground at the Cibernetico.

Works every time.


This Sunday while Pinkie und myself take care of The Colony (with some possible assistance from Soldier Ant,) you have the privilege of being express mailed to Valhalla by Nøkken, MEIN NØKKEN. As this massive mammoth has already amassed 2 points, you und you alone are standing between the new BDK’s first chance to capture the Grand Championship of CHIKARA.

You have no idea how excited I am at the thought of bringing glory back to the Bruderschaft where it rightfully belongs in the form of the most coveted title in professional wrestling. As you will come to learn, Hammermeier-type leadership will one day become a widely-used figure of speech. We begin to etch it into the wrestling lexicon this Sunday in Philadelphia.