23 minutes. That’s how long I’ve been staring at this dumb blank screen. I’m supposed to write down my thoughts and feelings like some pro-wrestling Margret Atwood? What’s that about? You want to see how I’m feeling, you take a look at what I do in the ring. You want to read about my feelings, about what’s on Big Magic’s mind? Ok, fine! Let’s make it easy and start with the loudest one.

ANGER. There’s a lot of anger on my mind, and it’s ALL IN CAPS! People might find that surprising on account of my usual understated way of expressing myself. But no one has ANY idea of what me and the Jagman have had to go through since Virginia. CHIKARA might have lost one of the boys from the locker room. Me and Scott lost our brother. 3peckO is no more!

Traveling from city to city, we got to know an Archibald Peck that nobody else got to see. He talked about all of the things that mattered to him outside of that ring. His family. Famous marching bands. Time Travel. Missionary work. Cowboys. Favorite composers. Trees. You name it, Peck talked about it. A LOT. Thank goodness that DeLorean cut down how long we spent on the road.

Now all that’s gone. We can’t just hop in the car and go back to a point before Archie sacrificed everything to save Gavin Loudspeaker. Nobody but Peck can drive that thing. And we can’t go on another trek to find another Archibald Peck. He’s gone! Gone at the bloody hands of Deucalion.

Well, get this. As long as I’m breathing, Deucalion won’t hoist another one of my brothers on his shoulder! We’ll tear the whole ring apart and bring the entire arena down on The Flood’s heads if that’s what needs to be done. We’ve played the defense long enough! Icarus showed Deucalion what kind of offense CHIKARA can bring. Imagine what happens when we all hit back, all together, all at the same time!

Peck: me and Jagged can only hope this goodbye isn’t forever. Not putting it past you to have some hare-brained scheme to save yourself if something like this ever happened. Right? You’d be happy to know UltraMantis delivered a good eulogy for you to the folks in Parts Unknown. He might be devious in the squared circle, but he makes for a decent mayor.

To the rest of The Flood, I hope you’re all reading this because CHIKARA is about to finally eliminate all of you vermin running around! YOUR TIME IS UP!