“One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to, reach down and prove something.”

That little gem’s from legendary ace “The Ryan Express” himself, Nolan Ryan. But it doesn’t just apply to baseball. It applies to anything you do in life. And for me, for Mr. Touchdown,for everybody who believes in CHIKARA, it applies to this moment in time. Right now! Time to show and prove, lads and lassies.

This season’s been a long string of hard-fought innings under some of the worst conditions we’ve ever faced. The games we lost, we lost big. Key players like Kobald. ThunderFrog. Veterans like Archibald Peck. Rookies like Equinox. Or Create-A-Wrestler. I had high hopes for that kid, especially.

But we’re not out of this series yet. At “Moonraker” we scored our biggest victory when our Grand Champ, Icarus, speared Deucalion off his feet! Let me tell you, that’s far and away no easy task. I stood toe to toe with that Deucalion and it was like fighting an animal. Easily had twice the strength of anybody I’ve ever fought before. Gave him all I had in the tank and he was still able to bat Shynron into the bleachers and slam poor Archie into oblivion. All this, and Icarus still took him down! That’s a Grand Slam in my book.

Don’t think anyone’s overlooked Eddie Kingston, either. Eddie, you’ve got a lot to answer for. The road to redemption isn’t gonna be easy for you, friend. Still, one Last of a Dying Breed on our side is one less War King on theirs.

Our team might have been saddled with some injuries along the way, but the line-up has never looked stronger. Here’s where we all need to dig deep and pull through the home stretch. Finish strong with everything we’ve got! Prove that we deserve to be here because we fight as hard, or harder than anyone else who plays this game. To be a part of the Major Leagues you need to put in a Major League effort. And I don’t need to look at the stats to say with confidence that everyone on this team has the potential to be an All-Star.

Meanwhile, The Flood’s bench is thinning. They’ve lost some of their heavy hitters in deviANT, Ares, and Tursas. Their Captain Jimmy Jacobs failed to take the title from Icarus. And Deucalion proved not to be as invincible as they wanted us to believe. The Flood can be beaten!

Now’s the time to push harder than we ever did before. The momentum is on our side and we cannot let it go! Not if we ever hope to prevent them from capturing our pennant. The Flood won’t tear down the CHIKARA banner. This is a series we must win! It’s a series we can win! And it’s a series we will win!