I remember that night at the Palmer Center: 5.25.14. We had just beaten the King of Trios medals off of The Colony: Xtreme Force. They never deserved to have them in the first place. Wink just gave it to them because they were his pet project. We were the real deal. The real Colony. And we finally had our medals back.

Except, I didn’t deserve the one I was holding. I didn’t earn it. Soldier Ant did. Just like I was now filling the legacy of Worker Ant, I was here representing The Colony. But I never put that medal around my neck. Matter of fact, my first thought was about how I was going to get it back to the man who put in the hard work to win it.

Then came this year’s King of Trios. I’d been pumped to get a chance to get in there with my boys. Earn my own medal. Make The Colony the first two-time winners of this tournament. We even got as far as Night 2 when the supports were bulldozed from under our feet.

I wasn’t completely surprised to see Soldier Ant attacking one of our own. He showed everybody what side he stood on at “You Only Live Twice.” We all go through that moment when we’ve got to make a critical decision at where our loyalties lie. I made mine at National Pro Wrestling Day. Then he made his.

Soldier Ant chose The Flood.

I don’t know what made him turn on his band of brothers, but I’m not one to make excuses for people who’ve decided to become our enemy. Soldier Ant won’t catch us unprepared again. He used to be a leader within The Colony, now he’s nothing but a mindless grunt in an army of human shields protecting their sick bosses. Just another wall to be knocked down.

Soldier Ant, this battle is unfinished Colony business. Time to go to work. You’re dismissed.