In 2011, a new wrestling company called Wrestling is Fun! emerged on the scene and a procession of others soon followed… Wrestling is Cool, Wrestling is Heart, Wrestling is Intense, Wrestling is Awesome, Wrestling is Respect and Wrestling is Art. Not only did they share a storytelling universe with CHIKARA, but also with Kaiju Big Battel, creating a playground with a staggering amount of heroes… and villains.

With CHIKARA destroyed and its roster shattered at “Never Compromise” on June 2, 2013, the fragments found their way aboard figurative life boats: the “Wrestling Is” network. There, they continued to wrestle and explored new territories, at the same time mourning the loss of their home and wrestling family. While the Wrestling is companies felt a little like CHIKARA, they were no substitute, as CHIKARA has always been bigger than the sum of its parts. CHIKARA represents a certain set of ideals that put it in a category unto itself, which, over the years, has made it a target for various cabals of rudos and miscreants.

In the autumn of 2013, months after the events of “Never Compromise”, many of these villains, seemingly defeated or otherwise vanquished, slowly crept out of the woodwork. At Wrestling is Intense, the members of GEKIDO (17, combatANT and deviANT) stormed the ring and in something akin to a hostage situation, forced the shutdown of the company. Then, in October, Dr. Cube reared his square head at Wrestling is Awesome, stealing the organization’s money and assets, effectively bankrupting the operation in the process. November spawned another monster: Sinn Bodhi (flanked by his Odditorium) used mysterious means to somehow take control of Wrestling is Art, and then promptly closed it. December was even darker, as Wrestling is Cool’s owner, Milo Schnitzler, was revealed to have been a sleeper agent of the BDK all along, and showed his allegiance to Ares by ending the company on command.

The days leading up to the first Wrestling is Fun! event of 2014 were tense, as the villains overtly threatened to appear and stamp out one of the remaining traces of CHIKARA. Previously, they had gone largely unopposed, but on January 18, they were met by Icarus (wielding a baseball bat) and a ragtag team of defenders that were able to run them off. In fleeing, Dr. Cube ominously remarked, “very well Icarus, we shall respect your wishes.”

The very next day in Boonton, NJ the rudos appeared at Wrestling is Respect. The locker room emptied to form a defensive line and even Sidney Bakabella’s Wrecking Crew (the three members of the Devastation Corporation, Jaka, & Oleg the Usurper) came to aid the cause… or so it seemed. The Wrecking Crew proved to be little more than hired muscle. Revealing their true colors, they joined forces with the group of villains destroying the roster and venue, declaring “Respect is dead!”